Productive Use of Time

•September 28, 2007 • 5 Comments

I like my sleep, rather I love my sleep.  Most days feel like I could sleep the day away.  Unfortunately this doesn’t promote productivity – all it promotes is the desire for more sleep.

This morning I woke up early – way before my alarm clock was due to go off.  I rolled over in anticipation of returning to my unconsciousness.  No luck.  I thought about just staying there or getting up.  Thankfully I chose the latter.

I quietly snuck downstairs to my studio.  I knew my time was limited so I decided to do some prep work on my torch and pulled about 10 feet of good ribbon cane for use later on.   From there I was able to fold a load of laundry and put a load in the washer and eat breakfast.

I arrived at work early and still full of energy.  I have tackled projects previously pushed aside and am now looking forward to returning home to see if I am still in productive mode.

The peaceful darkness this morning made me think I have been going about my creative endeavors the wrong way.  After work I am tired, as a mother I have issues to deal with like dinner, homework, bath time, bed time and collapse time and THEN creative time.  By the time I reach the end of my list there isn’t any creativity left even though I long for that release.  Creating “me” time causes anguish with my Skybaby so I let her rule my evenings – she will be small only once and I need to enjoy this stage of her life because she will be a teen like her sister before I know it.

 So, my new plan is to awake early every morning while the rest of the family is sleeping to see how productive I can be.  Wish me luck!


Day 2

•September 26, 2007 • 3 Comments

So today is my second day of recording random thoughts.  I am attending a gathering of lampworkers next week.  It just dawned on me yesterday that I only had a week to prepare.  Now the panic sets in.  What to bring with me, what to leave home, do I need to bring any trade beads?  Yikes – I have no trade beads.

 Time is at such a premium at my house.  While immersed in deep thought staring at the flame I hear a little voice shouting mommy mommy, at that moment the trans is broken – back to reality.  I turn the torch off and tend to the sweetest, cutest little girl in the world who wants nothing more than to snuggle – hense no trades.

Maybe tonight will be better.

Hello world!

•September 25, 2007 • 1 Comment

Here I am, dipping my toes into uncharted waters.  It is a scarey thing to put yourself out there for the world to see.  Hopefully this will be a place for me to vent and laugh with the world about my life in the 3 Ring Circus.

 Hi!  My name is Jodie 🙂